An urban Ayurvedist teaching ancient traditions, translating them into your balanced life.

Life in Balance Seasonal Workshops

Seasonally based workshops are another great learning opportunity. Many facets of Ayurveda, from concepts to practices, are taught in seasonal workshops having cleanse, and rejuvenation support for students.


Spring is a more in-depth cleansing time while fall season is more rejuvenation. The difference exists for a few reasons and the broad picture is fall prepares us for a depleting time of year, thus more effort is put onto creating resilience and building the body. Spring time is taking us away from the depleting time into hardy spring and summer, most people can handle a deeper cleanse to remove accumulated elements, ama (toxins) and kindle a more efficient agni (digestive fire). Life in Balance seasonal workshops incorporate kitchen concepts, often cooking on site.

All Lisa’s workshops are an opportunity to learn about Ayurveda and gain practices to live more in balance with your true nature. Your Prakruti. Ayurveda’s gift is teachings and practices to live in closer connection to the inner Divine.

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