Ayurveda 101: Introducing the five elemental theories for daily support

This workshop has a ton of personal benefit to properly incorporate Ayurvedic practices into life. Each person has a unique blend of the 5 elements. Develop a more stable sense of harmony, self-compassion and just flat out feel better as correlations to diet and lifestyle meld with physical and mental wellbeing. Harness stability and resilience despite change, whether the change is subtle or dramatic.

Let’s intertwine the relation of dosha to the self, and to the world around us. Evaluate lifestyle and nutrition choices as related to microcosm and macrocosm of tridosha and five element theory.

“Like a painter sees both subtle and dramatic tones, shade and light variations in a blue ocean, an Ayurvedist ‘sees’ qualities of things and life through lens of their eyes, the smell through the nose, the sound in the ear, the touch on skin and …” This skill allows an Ayurvedist to incorporate practices most beneficial and suited for the self.

Materials needed: notebook, as desired. Yoga mat/attire not necessary.