Boosting Joy and Finding Balance This Holiday Season

Boosting Joy and Finding Balance This Holiday Season

by Lauren Lichenstein

During the holidays, the energetic space and charge that is before us is incredibly big and bright! Sometimes that space is so vast and open armed, we perceive that we are unable to fill those big shoes that the holiday offers to us (resulting in stress, anxiety, moodiness). How do we balance the abundance of energy, celebration, peace, and harmonious experience that is energetically within us and externally outside of us? Here are a few tips to keep you grounded and stable in preparation for the joyous flight which unites us with the flock of peace doves that adorn the universal holiday spirit.

To begin your day, practice a breathing exercise that balances the right and left side of the body. If you shower in the morning, take a towel and place of few drops of lunar-energized lavender oil on it. Sit in the shower and place your thumb and ring finger over the nose. Plug the left nostril while you sip in air through the right nostril. Do this slowly and feel the pause at the top of the breath. Switch nostrils to exhale and inhale from the same side. Follow this ten to twenty rounds of breath. You will be able to notice if you are exhaling more than you are inhaling or vice versa, which will lead to the natural, self-healing power to bring balance what you are giving and receiving. It’s a beautiful way to begin the day.

Keep a clear, open mind. Don’t get hung on how you think the holidays are supposed to feel, look, and move. By letting go of expectations, you can be readily available to live presently and fully. Keep the holiday spirit alive by letting it run free instead of containing it in one perfectly wrapped gift box that your mind has manufactured. Thankfully, every day is different, every holiday is different, and these diverse experiences create the rich tapestry that we call life. Decorate it well!

Traditions are so important when bringing friends and family together. But why not try something new? In addition to the beautiful comforts of the thread that mends the holidays together year after year, inspire a fresh perspective of togetherness. Instead of a gift exchange, ask to give the energy to a charitable organization such as a toy drive or spend time together by volunteering at a soup kitchen. Maybe give the oven a break and prepare a new and exciting raw dessert for the family to try. A little adventure inserted into tradition can bring you all closer than you realize. By unleashing a new experience, you will drench yourselves in new celebratory expressions. There’s some holiday spirit!!

Let white lights of joy invade your holiday season!

Let white lights of joy invade your holiday season!

Lastly, there is no perfect offering, there is no perfect gift. Everything has a crack in it, everyone a flaw; and that is how our Light gets in and out. Be bright and send positive vibrations to each other no matter how near or far you are during the holiday season. One drop of rain resonates into the ocean, just as one drop of your positivity resonates into the universal spirit. That will direct all of us to find the true balance of joyous and harmonious holiday spirit.

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Who doesn't love a cute dog pic?!  Talk about joy for our furriest friends!

Who doesn’t love a cute dog pic?! Talk about joy for our furriest friends!