Refine Senses, Rinse Toxicity, Restore Body & Mind

Not your stereotypical ‘cleanse’
Build resiliency through Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches us self-compassion and how to be gentle on the self. A cleanse is no exception, as intentional actions and updates to diet and lifestyle naturally cleanses toxicity from the body. Learn tools of self-care to last you forever. Understand how Ayurveda can meet you right where you are and the best ways to incorporate yoga into your unique life and lifestyle.

Program includes lunch on site, cooking demo, yoga movement,
lots of diet and lifestyle support via Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom.

You’ll be gifted a spice packet for your fall cooking at home plus
digital booklet full of recipes, day by day cleanse guidance and
yoga to support your home experience.

The Yoga Bar OTR, 15 W. 14th St., Cincinnati. $75 investment. Registering in advance a plus (see link in this event)

**MORE info—->This workshop will offer a foundational, in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda. Background of understanding Ayurveda is not needed in advance. You’ll understand the ‘whys’ of what you are doing in this fall rejuvenation program. You’ll leave with a plan for a gentle cleanse and rejuvenation at home, over the course of 10 days. You’ll learn about dining and diet practices to ease the burden we put on digestion every day. When we ease the burden on our digestion through diet and lifestyle updates, we experience improvement in many, many other areas of our life in subtle ways, like thoughts and energy level. It’s common for physical health to improve when becoming mindful of digestion (and ways to ease digestion), to discover the foods and eating practices best suitable for the time of year and for one’s own digestion tendencies.

Fall Rejuvenation Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse with Lisa Snowden

Seasonal cleaning is an opportunity to reset. From mental hang ups, to digestion, energy level, sleep challenges, or life transitions the Ayurveda approach to cleaning teaches self-care in deep and meaningful ways.

This workshop will offer a foundational knowledge of Ayurveda principles so a background of understanding Ayurveda is not needed. You’ll leave with lifelong knowledge and a plan to remove some habits not serving you and how to take a little better care of your body and mind. You’ll learn about dining and diet practices to ease the burden we put on digestion every day.

Learn to move through transitions, seasonally or otherwise, with greater ease. Program includes lunch on site, yoga movement, foundational knowledge of Ayurveda, seasonal cleanse, spice packet for fall cooking, and a digital booklet full of everything to support your fall cleanse at home with day by day cleanse guidance, daily yoga practice & recipes.

About Lisa
Sharing yoga since 2009, Lisa is an Ayurveda Health Counselor with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Under her teacher, Kathryn Templeton, she is a Himalayan Institute Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program instructor. She strives to share yoga and Ayurveda with people of all ages and backgrounds. This ancient knowledge of valuing self-compassion, and offering the tools to do so, can meet everyone right where they are now in life.

Lisa can be found on IG and FB @ayurvedayogalife or her site

Fall Rejuvenation

Join Lisa in this 3 hour education session to offer yourself a gentle fall cleanse at home. Clearing out excess dosha in the fall is often relieving the body of excess heat and inflammation (pitta dosha) while the cleanse offers relief for the digestion and preparing to build ojas (vitality) for the depleting winter season.

Let Ayurveda meet you where you are, right now. Read the blog here.

Fall Rejuvenation workshop – a gentle seasonal cleanse

Establish a foundation of Ayurvedic education through understanding the role of self-care, seasonal change, ama (toxin) reduction and conduct your own gentle cleanse at home. With Ayurveda, a gentle fall cleanse utilizes relation techniques, daily self-care rituals and a kitchari mono-diet. Enjoy dishes of split moong dahl, basmati rice and freshly cooked veggie with cleansing spices that regulate digestion and abate toxins in the body. The fall rejuvenation is removing toxins and helping to establish daily practices of self-care. Fall is a gentle period of cleansing where the body and mind is creating vitality, called ojas which is our vital life source. Building vitality is important as we prepare for the depleting time of winter. Seasonal cleanse allows an individual time and space to clear out excess dosha, often the inflammation of summertime pitta, so we don’t burn out in the winter months. A seasonal cleanse, to some extent, is ideal for most all individuals as fasting is not a part of a seasonal cleanse rather creating dining practices of nourishing and easy to digest meals of kitchari. A tea mixture of coriander, cumin and fennel is sipped through the day along with room temperature water.

There is a level of cleanse for everybody and meant to be enjoyed at a level ideal for YOU. Let Ayurveda meet you where you are, right now. No forcing, nothing stressful as bringing Ayurveda into your life is a gradual process meant to build upon itself as your experience into this science and lifestyle gentle builds over time.

Sept 13, noon-3PM at The Yoga Bar in Newport. 701 Park Avenue, Newport, KY 41071. register in advance for $39. View the event here.

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