Refine Senses, Rinse Toxicity, Restore Body & Mind

Not your stereotypical ‘cleanse’
Build resiliency through Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches us self-compassion and how to be gentle on the self. A cleanse is no exception, as intentional actions and updates to diet and lifestyle naturally cleanses toxicity from the body. Learn tools of self-care to last you forever. Understand how Ayurveda can meet you right where you are and the best ways to incorporate yoga into your unique life and lifestyle.

Program includes lunch on site, cooking demo, yoga movement,
lots of diet and lifestyle support via Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom.

You’ll be gifted a spice packet for your fall cooking at home plus
digital booklet full of recipes, day by day cleanse guidance and
yoga to support your home experience.

The Yoga Bar OTR, 15 W. 14th St., Cincinnati. $75 investment. Registering in advance a plus (see link in this event)

**MORE info—->This workshop will offer a foundational, in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda. Background of understanding Ayurveda is not needed in advance. You’ll understand the ‘whys’ of what you are doing in this fall rejuvenation program. You’ll leave with a plan for a gentle cleanse and rejuvenation at home, over the course of 10 days. You’ll learn about dining and diet practices to ease the burden we put on digestion every day. When we ease the burden on our digestion through diet and lifestyle updates, we experience improvement in many, many other areas of our life in subtle ways, like thoughts and energy level. It’s common for physical health to improve when becoming mindful of digestion (and ways to ease digestion), to discover the foods and eating practices best suitable for the time of year and for one’s own digestion tendencies.

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Seasonal cleansing is a practice Ayurveda holds in high importance. Namely, spring cleanse is the biggest cleanse of the year. This is our time to evaluate and remove old habits, toxins and stagnation in mind and body. We are left feeling lighter, brighter and more adaptable to change and growth. Basically, spring cleanse removes the sticky inertia from life, leaving yoga and Ayurveda practices for self-compassion and inherent nature to shine.

The weekend workshop can be taken as individual days but it’s suggested to participate in both sessions.

Includes Lisa’s printed manual or e-booklet.


-Understand characteristics of each element and how they create vata, pitta, and kapha dosha.

-We’ll review how these doshas show up in life and the ways they constantly change.

-Learn about how habits hold us out of balance, and develop practices to support your spring cleanse

-We’ll cook and eat kitchari, talk about the 6 tastes

-Develop self-care rituals, called Dinacharya


Session I – Saturday, April 2, 11:00am-3:00pm. Bring a snack for 30 minute break.

  • What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse, and why is it important?
  • Explanation of the Ayurvedic Clock
  • Pranayama Practice
  • What about elements and Vata, Pitta, Kapha?
  • Clean Out the Closets: Preparing the mind and body for cleanse


Session II – Sunday, April 3; 12:30pm-3:30pm. We will cook and eat together today. All those materials will be provided.

  • Food and beverage to support cleanse. Cook and eat!
  • Change cravings to bring us to balance. Exploring the 6 tastes
  • Learn practices to support spring cleanse and beyond
  • Putting it all together – Outline of cleanse week/review of the shopping list and recipes


Weekend workshop participants receive tea of coriander, cumin and fennel and a spice packet to use with cooking. Weekend workshop $130. Book a daily session for $65.

Registration at the link below. All Spring cleanse participants are invited attend Lisa’s 9AM TYB Newport class on Tuesday April 12 and 19 at no extra charge, to explore yoga for supporting cleanse time. Sign up and also receive a gift of CCF tea and churna mix to use at home!

This workshop is a two day event, but not an overnight event!

Spring Cleanse

Ayurveda spring cleanse offers positive growth and improved digestion both mentally and physically. Patterns you can’t kick but are ready to may simply lack tools and self-support. Almost everyone can benefit from the spring digestion reset we gain during a cleanse.

Why spring cleanse? Well, maybe a bit of Ayurvedic wisdom can shed some light. Winter is Vata dominant. It’s frozen and cold, windy antics of nature have dormancy happening as well. Really, depletion is the word. We hold onto all we can and hopefully all the good stuff we need from routines and relationships hold to ‘get through’ winter. And change is not resilient. Ayurveda says to choose the most stable time of year to cleanse, thus spring cleanses. Spring time is kapha dominant, so the vata has turned to cold, wet, sticky traits our body could be showing through allergies, congestion in face or chest, heaviness in the body and/or the mind. There could be less than desirable habits you feel are holding you back and you lack tools, motivation or drive to move them behind you. These are all signs of increase in kapha dosha. The kapha time is dominated by earth and water, much more resilient elements than the air and ether dominating fall and winter. Since change and growth require a stable establishment, naturally the spring kapha time is best for a big cleanse.

Think of a seedling, planted properly in dirt this spring. Ideal growing conditions include stable ground, fertile soil, ample moisture and sunlight. Also the temperature can’t be too cold. If the growing conditions accumulate too much wetness, low temperatures, lacking sunlight and the seedling continues to be relocated, it will never sprout. The proper conditions are necessary for growth and this exists in the human body and mind, too. Spring cleanse time is when we take rest, reset our body and mind’s growing conditions!


Gratitude to the darkness teaching me about light

Writing just to write and sharing because I can.

A need to cleanse is here – I bet you have felt the need to relieve something heavy.
Sure, hopefully it’s a little warmer. Around here in Cincinnati it’s said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Well, at least I say that. Last week was snow boots, scarf and gloves and this weekend is sandals, v-neck tops with short sleeves…and rain jackets. What was frozen last week is now wet, cold and heavy. We’re glimpsing into actual springtime. Ayurveda calls the spring characteristics kapha.

We are preparing for change, growth and evolution from the hibernated space of winter. The daffodils and tree buds clue us in on the outside. Early March marks garden time, for me this begins with leek seedlings in my office windowsill.

In my body, I feel the springtime. Or maybe I should say I feel the movement away from winter. In yoga talk this ‘movement away’ can be expressed with the term apana vayu, down and away and udana vayu, up and out. Vayu is movement.

My yoga practice has helped to bring growth. This has been challenging, rewarding and a bit painful in itself, and I don’t mean challenging postures. Yoga is simple and the practice brings awareness to the complications I create on my own accord. It’s brought the need to have heartfelt conversation with myself, where I am the passive listener lacking judgment.

I remember springtime healing my heart years ago, long before my first yoga class, or ever hearing the word ‘Ayurveda’. I had been stuck, with a stacking sense of gloom and inability to move. Grief had stricken my family and I felt isolated and lacking direction. But being outside in the warmth and simply witnessing Mother Nature’s natural sense to go from deadness to completely lush with bright green upward moving growth toward the sun. And it made me realize I too, could get out of my mental state and use my natural abilities to adapt, develop solid structure of which growth and movement upward could occur. I’d say that was the first time, the first spring that I employed the essence of Ayurveda I now teach to others.

Gratitude to the darkness teaching us about light.


Fall Rejuvenation

Join Lisa in this 3 hour education session to offer yourself a gentle fall cleanse at home. Clearing out excess dosha in the fall is often relieving the body of excess heat and inflammation (pitta dosha) while the cleanse offers relief for the digestion and preparing to build ojas (vitality) for the depleting winter season.

Let Ayurveda meet you where you are, right now. Read the blog here.

Ayurveda and the importance of spring cleanse for body and mind

According to Ayurveda, spring is the season for growth. Mother Natures wakes up from her slumber and SPROUTS!  Energy moves upward and spring is considered the “king of seasons”!

In many parts of the country, spring means snow melting.  We make this transition from cold, icy winter ice and snow to hot summer through the sticky, wet transition of snow melting.  Similarly, accumulated kapha dosha can show as liquefaction in the body, causing allergies, spring colds and runny noses.

Spring cleanse is a method for cleansing and purifying the body of excess doshas and accumulated toxins.  A gentle cleanse is nourishing and has a dramatic effect even if introducing techniques of Ayurveda into a person’s life. Subtle cleanse consists of mind-body care techniques and optional 3-5 days of kitchari mono-diet.  The Ayurvedic goal for spring cleanse is simply to create easy digest for body, and mind.

Offering the body rest and rejuvenation during this seasonal change prepares our physical and mental self for positive growth in spring.  Learn about living your life in balance by becoming familiar with Ayurvedic techniques suitable for you and helping you achieve your full potential.