Fall Rejuvenation Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse with Lisa Snowden

Seasonal cleaning is an opportunity to reset. From mental hang ups, to digestion, energy level, sleep challenges, or life transitions the Ayurveda approach to cleaning teaches self-care in deep and meaningful ways.

This workshop will offer a foundational knowledge of Ayurveda principles so a background of understanding Ayurveda is not needed. You’ll leave with lifelong knowledge and a plan to remove some habits not serving you and how to take a little better care of your body and mind. You’ll learn about dining and diet practices to ease the burden we put on digestion every day.

Learn to move through transitions, seasonally or otherwise, with greater ease. Program includes lunch on site, yoga movement, foundational knowledge of Ayurveda, seasonal cleanse, spice packet for fall cooking, and a digital booklet full of everything to support your fall cleanse at home with day by day cleanse guidance, daily yoga practice & recipes.

About Lisa
Sharing yoga since 2009, Lisa is an Ayurveda Health Counselor with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Under her teacher, Kathryn Templeton, she is a Himalayan Institute Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program instructor. She strives to share yoga and Ayurveda with people of all ages and backgrounds. This ancient knowledge of valuing self-compassion, and offering the tools to do so, can meet everyone right where they are now in life.

Lisa can be found on IG and FB @ayurvedayogalife or her site www.ayurvedayogalife.com.

Gratitude to the darkness teaching me about light

Writing just to write and sharing because I can.

A need to cleanse is here – I bet you have felt the need to relieve something heavy.
Sure, hopefully it’s a little warmer. Around here in Cincinnati it’s said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Well, at least I say that. Last week was snow boots, scarf and gloves and this weekend is sandals, v-neck tops with short sleeves…and rain jackets. What was frozen last week is now wet, cold and heavy. We’re glimpsing into actual springtime. Ayurveda calls the spring characteristics kapha.

We are preparing for change, growth and evolution from the hibernated space of winter. The daffodils and tree buds clue us in on the outside. Early March marks garden time, for me this begins with leek seedlings in my office windowsill.

In my body, I feel the springtime. Or maybe I should say I feel the movement away from winter. In yoga talk this ‘movement away’ can be expressed with the term apana vayu, down and away and udana vayu, up and out. Vayu is movement.

My yoga practice has helped to bring growth. This has been challenging, rewarding and a bit painful in itself, and I don’t mean challenging postures. Yoga is simple and the practice brings awareness to the complications I create on my own accord. It’s brought the need to have heartfelt conversation with myself, where I am the passive listener lacking judgment.

I remember springtime healing my heart years ago, long before my first yoga class, or ever hearing the word ‘Ayurveda’. I had been stuck, with a stacking sense of gloom and inability to move. Grief had stricken my family and I felt isolated and lacking direction. But being outside in the warmth and simply witnessing Mother Nature’s natural sense to go from deadness to completely lush with bright green upward moving growth toward the sun. And it made me realize I too, could get out of my mental state and use my natural abilities to adapt, develop solid structure of which growth and movement upward could occur. I’d say that was the first time, the first spring that I employed the essence of Ayurveda I now teach to others.

Gratitude to the darkness teaching us about light.